The Beginning of the End

June 14, 2011

We’ll kick off this blog one day before the Stanley Cup will be hoisted by either Boston or Vancouver.  For some, it will be the beginning of a long road towards October.  For many, their eyes have been on next season for two weeks through two months already.

We initially thought an off-season blog would be a good way to start.  A clean sheet, looking forward to next season in this greatest sport of all.

Most of you already know Stephanie through her Hockey Gal Milwaukee blog and will get to know me.

Briefly, my name is Will Durkee, originally from Maryland and a die hard Capitals fan.  You won’t see me wearing an Ovechkin jersey though, #12 Bondra all the way.  I’ve bounced around from Maryland to Virginia to Taiwan to England to France and now to Florida and next stop Russia before returning home to Maryland. I like to travel.

This will be my first blog so I will always be open to criticism and opinions.

I imagined this off-season as an open ended list of teams, players, games, issues, rules, theories, and questions to talk about.  A surprising and exciting season is soon coming to its finale and we’ll talk about big games and big events that happened this season.  We’ll also have fun talking about the draft, free agents, potential trades, rookie camps, training camps, and all the fun that comes with our impatient foot-tapping until October.

But honestly, it’s all up to you, the reader.  Stephanie and I talk to each other every day, so this won’t be anything new for us.  What will be new is the feedback we get from you and the input you’ll contribute to the blog.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to a great beginning of the end!



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