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Don’t Bash the Mason-Dixon Line …

June 24, 2011

First off, I apologize for the delay in our posts.  I just accepted the job which will take me to St. Petersburg, Russia, for about 5 months so have been getting ready to pack up my life in ten days.  It’s been a mentally exhausting week but I’m excited to get out and see some new sights.  I will definitely be updating the blog with some small fun traveling stories from Russia.

I began this post the day after Boston won the Cup, and the title referenced a comment Stephanie made about hockey below the Mason-Dixon line …

Yes, the drunken hooligans were out in full force.  I watched a few Youtube videos on the matter, and it looked pretty … um, inspiring?  I guess that’s what they were going for? Well either way, I’m sure the hangover doesn’t mix too well with shame.  Too bad Boston didn’t have a huge crowd there too, could have ended up like one of those soccer street fights I saw in Europe!

At least though, in the middle of all the violence and chaos … there was some time for a little romance

There are some rumors that she was hurt and he was helping, but I’m going to cling to the heart strings and go with my romance story.  And it makes me feel less guilty that I can see over half of her ass.

This Stanley Cup Final series definitely had it’s full share of stories.  As Mark pointed out, the biting incident and the Horton injury definitely rubbed fans the wrong way, and gave Boston even more motivation, as if they really needed it.

So here we are a week after the championship, and maybe we’re watching baseball a little bit more than usual.  I know, for me,  golf and tennis have somehow become more interesting.  I can’t explain it.

The dreaded Flyers, however, did seem to bring my attention back to hockey after a fairly predictable awards show.  Moving Carter and Richards, and then signing Bryzgalov … wow.   Looks like that puts Boucher and Leighton on the market soon, so I’d be happy to hear any prediction about their futures.

On the Caps side, I was surprised to hear that Olie Kolzig is returning as an assistant goalie coach.  I didn’t know you needed an ASSISTANT goalie coach … but eh, he’s been a popular player for lots of Caps fans and heck, he only spent 25 years in D.C.  I was never a huge Olie fan but, aside from having a 5-hole I can drive my truck through, he’s a good guy.

Would love to hear some feedback, predictions, questions, etc.  I’ll get back to packing and making the rest of my to-do list for the next ten days!